Smallest Car

GM And Segway Making P.U.M.A. ‘Car’, which looks Suspiciously Like A Motorized Wheelchair:     Maybe not so small, but a 1998 Dodge Truck that some guy heavily modded to look like a giant pink cat. It...

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What is Paris 26 Gigapixels project?

Paris 26 Gigapixels is the name of the biggest assembled panoramic image of the world. It shows Paris in a very high definition. A gigapixel is 1 billion pixels! The image is a stitching of more than 2,000 individual photos....

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World’s Best Tricks

World’s Best Tricks and Stunts Searching for the Limits of the Human Body… Don’t try This at home… [ we strongly advise the audience against imitating these dangerous stunts and activities ]....

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