Parsley builds blood, aids in digestion, boosts energy, combats fatigue, helps the heart, dissolves cholesterol in the veins, supports the adrenals, strengthens teeth, builds bones, prevents birth defects, enhances nutrient absorption, eliminates bloating, reduces inflammation, and provides hormonal support. Parsley is well known for helping or solving most kidney problems and also provides general immune support.

To boot, parsley is a blood purifier that aids in detoxification, particularly of the kidneys but also of the liver. And the herb packs in dense nutrients including: vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, potassium, folic acid, sulfur, vitamin K, and B vitamins 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Parsley also  contains trace amounts of B12.

Parsley also contains unique volatile oils that inhibit tumors – particularly in the lungs. These oils are able to neutralize some airborne carcinogens, including some of those found in cigarette smoke and smoke from charcoal grilling. Neutralizing these airborne poisons may be why parsley helps prevent lung tumors




  • Anti Cancer : Dandelion root extract is unique, and is one of the only things found to help with chronic myelomonocytic Leukemia and It is effective in treating Breast Tumors
  • Detoxification of vital organs : Because of the diuretic abilities of dandelion root, it is beneficial for flushing out the Liver, Kidneys and Gallbladder. ?t works great to purify the blood and cleanse the system. This also makes it a good herb for Fighting ?nfections.
  • It is also used for Arthritis, Osteoarthritis , Gout and Rheumatism
  • Dandelion tea actively ameliorates disease—it is a potent disease-fighter—and helps the body heal, helps Boost ?mmunity and Heart Disease, and age-related Memory Loss.
  • Treating Anemia : Because of the high content of iron in dandelion root, it is beneficial for building red blood cells in the body to treat anemia.
  • Treating Diabetes : Dandelion root has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in patients. In Europe, it’s used to treat Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes.
  • Digestive System : Dandelion root, when made into a tea, is beneficial for relieving constipation, flatulence and fullness.
  • Treating High Blood Pressure : Dandelion root is a natural Diuretic. When combined with its high potassium content, it is an effective treatment to lower blood pressure.
  • Dandelion tea helps reduce High Cholesterol.
  •  High Nutritional Value : Dandelion root contains vitamins A, B-complex, C and D as well as the minerals ?ron, Zinc and Potassium. This combination of vitamins and minerals also makes dandelion root a High Antioxidant Food.
  •  Mood Enhancer : Due to the high amount of vitamin B-complex, dandelion root can help to stabilize mood and Treat Depression.
  • It is very beneficial to Menopausal Women
  • Dandelion root is also used to treat skin disorders such as Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis.
  • Laxative : Dandelion root is also a mild laxative and is used to help with regularity.
  • Dandelion tea helps with weight control—especially with Weight Loss.


Cucumber on a white backgroundCucumbers

  • Here are 10 Benefits of cucumbers:
  • Quick pick me-up – Cucumbers are a good source of B vitamins.
  • Rehydrates body and replenishes daily vitamins – Cucumbers are 95 percent water, keeping the body hydrated while helping the body eliminate toxins. Cucumbers have most of the vitamins the body needs in a single day. They are good for the skin on because the skin contains a good amount of vitamin C, about 10 percent of the daily-recommended allowance.
  • Skin and hair care – cucumber skin can be used for skin irritations and sunburns as aloe would be used.
  • The silicon and sulfur in cucumbers help to stimulate hair growth.
  • Fight cancers – Cucumber are known to contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. These three lignans have a strong history of research in connection with reduced risk of several cancer types, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Home care – Eliminates a foggy mirror. Before taking a shower, rub a cucumber slice along a mirror and it will eliminate the mirror fogging up.
  • Instead of WD40, take a cucumber slice and rub it along a squeaky hinge and your door will stop squeaking.
  • Relieves bad breath –  the phytochemcials will kill the bacteria in your mouth responsible for causing bad breath.
  • Hangover cure – To avoid a morning hangover or headache; eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish many essential nutrients, reducing the intensity of both hangover and headache.
  • Aids in weight loss and digestion – Due to its low calorie and high water content, cucumber is an ideal diet for people who are looking for weight loss. The high water content and dietary fiber in cucumbers are very effective in ridding the body of toxins from the digestive system, aiding digestion.
  • Cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure – Cucumber juice contains a hormone which is needed by the cells of the pancreas for producing insulin which has been found to be beneficial to diabetic patients. Researchers found that a compound called sterols in cucumbers may help reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Cucumbers contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and fiber. These work effectively for regulating blood pressure. This makes cucumbers good for treating both low blood pressure and high blood pressure.
  • Cucumbers also proote joint health, relieves gout and arthritis pain -Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is known to help promotes joint health by strengthening the connective tissues.
  • They are also rich in vitamin A, B1, B6, C & D, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.





  • Easy digestion Kale is very rich in fiber so your stomach will be happy while you eat it. Kale is low in calories and has zero fat content. It is the perfect food to add to your weight-loss diet plan. Kale also improves metabolism and aid in the hydration process. It can also help fight against constipation and irregular bowel movements.
  • Disease prevention A cup of kale a day can keep cancer away. Kale contains lots of vitamins that keep both the bones and the blood healthy. It also ensures that all organs are working up to par. It supports the functions of the lungs and makes sure that the bones won’t suffer from osteoporosis or nutrition loss. Vitamin K, which kale has high content of, is known as the nutrient against Alzheimer’s disease. The many antioxidants in kale can also do wonders in preventing the onset of cancer.
  • Promotes healthy circulation Kale is very high in iron. It helps in the formation of certain enzymes and hemoglobin to efficiently transport blood and oxygen to the different parts of the body. Kale also aids in cellular growth while keeping the kidneys strong.
  • Fights against inflammation Kale is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory foods as it is very rich in the omega 3 fatty acids. This nutrient helps fight arthritis, joint pains, disorders of the immune system, and asthma.
  •  Lowers cholesterol level The zero fat content of kale can only mean one thing – it can fight off the bad cholesterol present in the blood. Adequate intake of this leafy treat can keep your heart safe from diseases. Kale is known for boosting the functions of the cardiovascular system.
  • Protects the skin and eyes With the many vitamins packed inside this vegetable, Vitamin A in particular, the eyes and skin are protected. Keep your vision clear while your skin healthy with adequate amounts of kale.