12 Apostoles

 Only eight of these towering limestone stacks on the coast of Australia have survived, but geologists predict a new stack may  appear in the future.  Twelve Apostles are situated along the Great Ocean Road about four hours from Melbourne. It is an excellent spot for sunset photography and a popular flyover for helicopter tours, the Twelve Apostles are situated along the Great Ocean Road about four hours from Melbourne.




Arthur’s Seat UK: Arthur’s Seat is located in the middle of Edinburgh in UK. The urban volcano has free admission, making a good day’s hike followed by an evening’s entertainment within the reach of Continental explorers.




  Balands National Park : You may encounter bison and big-horned sheep, along with saber-tooth tiger fossils and stone pinnacles, in the striking geologic formations of the Badlands National Park. Twenty-five percent of the land is a protected wilderness area, available for backpacking, hiking, or checking out more night-time stars than most cities have ever seen.



Joshua Tree National Park- California

Southern Californian desert park is popular destination for campers, hikers, nature enthusiasts and rock climbers due to its rugged beauty and wilderness areas.


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 Great Barrier Reef in the Sea North

Diving into the world’s largest coral reef is like landing on another planet, home to some thirty species of whales, dolphins and porpoises and countless fish. Saltwater crocodiles, seahorses, sharks and stingrays are also regulars here. 



Maroon Bells

The ‘most-photographed spots in the state of Colorado.” Scenic trails give hiking and biking enthusiasts a spectacular view of the trees and fields of wildflowers that accent the land. On clear days, a pristine reflection of the peaks is visible on the sparkling water of Maroon Lake. With guided expeditions, brave explorers can attempt to conquer the 14,000-foot summit



Matterhorn: One of the most dramatic peaks in the Alps range, the Matterhorn’s jagged silhouette is famous the world ’round. Winter sees a wealth of skiing with long, scenic runs and in summer, it’s a hiker’s paradise. Year-round, the cable car ride in Zermatt takes you to dizzying heights. The villages around the base of the mountain are easy to reach with the reliable Swiss trains.



Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala’s high-altitude lake, ringed with volcanoes. Fishing and picnicking are popular along the shore, and the lake’s Mayan-era architectural sites, such as Sambaj and Chiutinamit, are not to be missed. Choose one lakeside village to base yourself, or skip from one to the other, savoring the cultural differences.



 Grand Canyon known as ‘Mother Nature’s Canvas’; The two-billion-year-old landscape of yellow, pink, blue, and grey rock. The South Rim is the usual first port of call; those looking for more peace should head to the North Rim.



 The beautiful redwoods of Muir Woods in Marin County in California. Many are over 500 years old. Trails range from comfortable paths appropriate for kids and to a series of more difficult hikes. Really ambitious hikers can continue up to Mount Tamalpais and its majestic views of the Pacific.



 Old Faithful Geyser and Upper Geyser Basin

Spewing a jet of boiling water into the air approximately every 90 minutes for at least the last, oh, 140 years (the geyser was ‘discovered’ in 1870) has only barely begun to tire this legendary North American geyser.



Gullfoss translates to ‘Golden Falls,” and this is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions. The water rushes down a three-tiered natural ‘staircase’ before plunging into a 105-foot chasm.