Sigmund Freud – Cognitive Illusion

What’s on a man’s mind…

How can this be true?

How can this be true? Observe the picture precisely, and answer will come.

Assembly instructions from Hell

This amusing diagram is floating through the Internet.  Do you think that you could complete the assembly process? Which tools will you need?


1. Push three of the two straight wires of the trichotometric indicator support (TIS) being sure to use extra care

2. The trichotometric position indicator support should be dispositioned compared with the cavity in the rectabular excrusion bracket (REB)

3. Push the TIS cross-sectoral across the REB

4.Force firmly with soft pressure

5. Propeller 3,1416 the ambihelical hexnuts on the protuding TIS extensive.

6. Turn the ambihelical hexnuts firmly to preferably with falsely demagnetized ionifier.
However partially spanning all of 2,71828182845904 kN/ft^2/¡F do not exceed!

7. Deposit the contraption in the cupboard with lost pieces.

Impossible Triangle (a classic illusion)


Double-sided Chessboard