Daredevils caught by police after posting video online

A trio of Russian “skywalkers” was busted after they posted dizzying footage of their barehanded venture up a pair of nearly 800-feet-high bridges. Nineteen-year-old Vitaly Raskalov of Moscow uploaded the video online in early May, showcasing how he and two friends made their way up a pair of bridges in Vladivostok, taking breathtaking photographs along the way. The astonishing feat is an example of skywalking, a growing trend in Russia, in which photographers scale hard-to-reach heights for incredible photo-ops. But the daredevils blew their cover by posting the video online — where they also announced their plans to scale the 1000-feet-high Russky Island Bridge the following day. The group did make it up the Russky bridge, but the post had tipped off authorities, who were waiting below when they made their descent, according to the Moscow Times.

“We carried out a preventative conversation with them,” a police spokesman said, according to the newspaper. An investigation has been opened, but it is not yet clear what charges, if any, will be filed against the trio. But Raskalov doesn’t appear to be shaken up by the run-in with authorities. “Freedom,” he wrote on Twitter, after being released, according to the Moscow Times. “Now we will enjoy the local beer Amur.” When it opens, the Russky Island Bridge will be the world’s longest cable bridge, according to the newspaper.

Source: www.nydailynews.com