Here’s a collection of natural and man-made balanced rocks from around the world. Rock balancing is an art.

This beautiful and captivating rock formation located in Arches National Park, Utah is the Balanced Rock. This large balancing rock is about the size of 3 school buses. The total height of Balanced Rock is about 128 feet, with the balanced rock rising 55 feet above the base. Source: Wikipedia

The magnificent Queen Nefertiti Rock can be found in Arches National Park in the state of Utah. There is hundreds of amazing rock formations in this park. Photo taken by Daniel Mayer

This spectacular balanced rock called One Balance Rock is located in Petrified Forest National Monument in Arizona, USA.

Rock balance by James Jordan. At Greeter Falls, Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee. I couldn’t visit a place with a gazillion rocks without trying to balance a couple.

Idol Rock at Brimham Rocks, England.
Large collection of images of balanced rocks >>

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